What is SpunkyFuel?

For years we have had one off design jobs for elementary school clients to design a spirit theme t-shirt. Sometimes we were given the theme. Other times, we developed the theme concept based on the input from principals and their school personnel. Regardless of the inspiration, the end result was a design concept that inspired and engaged the entire school family. T-shirts were not only worn on spirit days but worn all over town; movie theatres, grocery stores, shopping malls, and that was just the adults!

That is when we realized that we had to put an end to the old, drab, and boring spirit t-shirt. The type of spirit t-shirt that seemed almost an afterthought. The type of spirit t-shirt that would only be worn on spirit day. The type of spirit t-shirt that ended up in the garage rag bag or at the bottom of the drawer. Why should only our clients have the benefit of great design and popular spirit wear? We want to inspire spunkiness. We want to fuel school spirit!

T-shirts are just the start. Polo shirts, dry wicking shirts, hoodies, if it can be screened or embroidered, we can produce it with your SpunkyFuel design.  We are developing SpunkyFuel Spirit Product Package that will continue your newly designed spirit brand on multiple promotional items. Double walled insulated cups, car magnets, caps, visors, string bags, the whole lot of them. The packages will be established to meet the needs of teachers, parents, and of course, the students. We’ve designed the packages based on feedback from clients and surveys of teachers, parents, and the kids too.

Ask us about our SpunkyFuel Spirit Product Packages.

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