Are You Tired of the Plain, Boring, Punchless Spirit Shirt?

Would You Like to Change That Feeling?

We have developed a system that will deliver you a spirit shirt that your school family will want to wear every day.

We remove the hassles of the ordering process and make communicating your new engaging theme with your secretary, PTA President, and staff a breeze.

Watch the video and learn how easy it is to order your special spirit theme. As a thank you for giving us a few minutes of your time, we would like to give a Spunky Fuel Promotion Package. It includes templates for posters, flyers and emails that you can use to promote your new theme - or any school event. For free of course.

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4 Good Reasons to Why You Should Use Spunky Fuel


All we want is to be able to provide a professionally designed spirit shirt.  That’s why we created Spunky Fuel. We are a company founded by a professional graphic artist with 20 years experience and a 27-year veteran marketing consultant with a passion for quality design and providing cool tools that help fuel your school spirit.


Easy fulfillment – professional design, name brand apparel, and streamlined order process allow you to focus on the primary objective, educating young minds.


We established built-in procedures to communicate design decisions with your secretary, staff members, and the PTA, which will help foster good communication, spirit concept buy-in, and make their ordering process simple and easy.


Did you collaborate on a great theme idea and need to take it from the napkin to the t-shirt? Then our Idea Design Solution is perfect for you. 

Your concept brought to life by our professional graphic design team. Three variations of the theme to choose from. Two alterations of your chosen theme from the original three presented. Discounted custom design charge – Idea Design Solution art charge, $75.00 - regularly $375.00​