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2 Ways to Fuel Your School Spirit

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What is SpunkyFuel?

spunky [spuhng-kee] adjective,

1. High-spirited, enthusiastic, full of spirit​

2. One who has a presence, attitude​​

fuel [fyoo-uh l] noun,

1. Something that sustains or encourages

2. Stimulate, incite, propel, provoke

Our designs inspire and engage your school family!

For years, we have created spirit theme concepts for elementary schools. Sometimes we were given the theme. Other times, we developed the theme concept based on the input from principals and their school personnel. Regardless of the inspiration, the result was a design concept that inspired and engaged the entire school family. Spirit shirts were not only worn on spirit days but worn all over town; movie theaters, grocery stores, shopping malls, and that was just the adults!

That is when we realized that we had to put an end to the old, drab, and boring spirit t-shirt. You know the type - the type of spirit t-shirt that seemed almost an afterthought, is only worn on spirit day, before ending up in the garage rag bag or at the bottom of the drawer.

We want to fuel school spirit!​

In addition to possessing over 20 years of design experience, SpunkyFuel provides a streamlined fulfillment process and a simple to understand cost structure. We want to make your order and product delivery easy and hassle-free. Our customers are educators, parents, and school support organizations. You teach or support those that do. We don’t think ordering t-shirts should require you to be an out-source specialist.

Here is how it works.
1. Our theme idea... we make it yours.

​Select a design from our existing portfolio and provide your school name and colors. It's that easy!

2. Your theme idea... we make it happen.

We bring your school spirit theme to life. The design process is simple also but requires a bit more information. Share with us your spirit theme and a few inspiration notes, as well as your school name and colors, and we will deliver a fresh look that will allow your spirit theme to stand out in its appeal and enthusiastic acceptance. 

3. Simple pricing.

At SpunkyFuel, our trademark offerings only have four prices. Simple.

Light shirt? Dark shirt? Multi color design? Front and back? Art file? No worries. We cover it clearly in our easy pricing schedule. After we construct your design, inspired from our portfolio or a new concept designed shirt, you simply tell us how many and what sizes. You will already know the price of your shirts. The only other charges would be for a design that requires more than two colors or shirts XXL or larger. Additionally, we waive shipping costs on orders for 120 units or greater.

4. Your theme idea... we make it happen.

SpunkyFuel, helping you create a prideful school family who will love to wear their spirit shirt – everywhere and every day!​

SpunkyFuel... fuel your school spirit.​